Groundhog GateKeeper

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2 thoughts on “Groundhog GateKeeper

  1. babajij on said:

    …Hi There Leslee!…the Title “Groundhog GateKeeper” was just a Play on Words,in Relation to Feb. 2nd,Groundhog’s Day…hehe…The Doll was Actually Clothed by a Friend here in Listuguj,in 2010…She was Part of a FunRaising Contest Give-Away Draw…a Nice Elder won Her (the Doll)…lol…The Backdrop used to be Our Historic Museum,it has now moved to a Brighter Location,across the Street…I Guess i Posted Her,the Doll due to Her Winter Attire…and in a Way i wanted to Give a Feminine Energy to the “Role” of a GateKeeper… 😉


  2. Hi, Babajij! I’ve looked at this three or four times, and am fascinated! I’d love to hear more about what she and all the objects she’s protecting mean to you, if you care to share… 🙂
    Have a wonderful day, dear friend!


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