Inward & Upward

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3 thoughts on “Inward & Upward

  1. babajij on said:

    …Hi!…it is Actually the Full Moon, beside a Strret Lamp…took the Photo 2 Years Ago…(My Way of Showing Some Support to the Rather Intense Internet GalacticNeptunian “JoyRide” that Many Became Involved In/With)… 😉


    • I think it’s wonderful that something from 2 years ago connects so well with “current events” 🙂
      It has a very magical quality, in the way we can find the extra-ordinary within the Ordinary… Ultimate Nature winking at us at every twist and turn 😀
      (hence “in space”, rather than, “in 3D” or in “real life”, lol!)


  2. i. c. u… 🙂
    along with many other things… I bet it was really cool, seeing this in space!


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