Teotihuacan Find

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5 thoughts on “Teotihuacan Find

  1. babajij on said:

    ..lol!…iWonder if the HoneyBear Lamp is Actually a 10,000 year-ole Relic…hehe…Waitin to Be Recognized that a Little Genie is just an Arm’s Length Away… 😉


  2. babajij on said:

    …hehe…Hi There Leslee!…da Photo is of the Lamp from SpaceMuffin & John’s Latest Video,that They put Up Yesterday on LRC…i was Watchin’ da Video and it Stopped 4 a Short Time and iSnapped a Pic of it…then i Zoomed In and Got this… 🙂


    • I thought it looked familiar! Dream-time recollection 😉 I wonder if they realize they’ve been talking over a honey bear the whole time… I wonder if the bear thinks it’s kinda rude, lol!


  3. This one is still surfacing for me… But I think I see a honey bear, lol… 😉


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