Mirrored Memories

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3 thoughts on “Mirrored Memories

  1. babajij on said:

    …Good Day, Leslee!…here’s me Interpertation of da GR Reading 😉 plastic=the CD that is Reflecting the Elephant (iUse/Recycle CD’s for Wall Decors)…forty=the Approx. Price iPaid for the Glass Elephant NightLite…and Quite Possibly, the Tests of Inner Strength (Elephant) Increase… 🙂


    • Hi, Babajij! Hope you’ve had a great day! I got the same thing, although not at first, because I only realized it was a CD when I went to comment today 🙂

      So I had also been thinking/feeling “plastic” as in “pliable”, and that goes well with inner strength 😀

      Also, when I get home I’ll look up what the Precious Elephant represents (in classical terms)… Will share that once I find it…

      See ya later! (waves and smiles) 🙂


  2. This one has been dancing in my consciousness since u posted it… The precious elephant…

    …look… 🙂

    Words Spoken:
    12:22:48 AM : elephant
    12:22:36 AM : plastic
    11:42:04 PM : increase
    11:41:40 PM : test
    11:38:24 PM : forty


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