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2 thoughts on “…AtenAltar…

  1. babajij on said:

    … 🙂 …

    …iWas Able to go to Town and Shop for my Ma & Self…was a Good Release from Being in the Apartment for a Solid Week and a Half…Always a CavePerson I Am…hehe…

    …the AtenAltar was InSpired by SunRay and Aten…iSlowly Built It Up to What It Appears 2Day…Very Functional…and the Little Jade Buddha is It’s Latest Resident… 😀


  2. :mrgold:
    It’s like a wheel of life, and a Dharma wheel, and a ferris wheel, and an Eye, and a device for releasing… Thank you, I needed that 🙂
    It also expresses how I feel right now: not quite sure which side is up, whether I’m on the wall or the floor, heheheh 😉


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