…Spiral Snow Train…

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4 thoughts on “…Spiral Snow Train…

  1. I have always been amazed at the sheer heavy-ness and MASS of trains. A feat of human 3D engineering to make that much solid metal move at such high speed. I am in awe of these devices…


  2. babajij on said:

    …InSpired by Ya,Leslee…iDownloaded the Gimp and Other Site…This is My first Use of a PaintBrush on an Image…the TrainPhoto was Actually from the Other Day…A Train Crossed My Path and iQuickly Pulled Out my CellPhone Camera…a Trained Paparazzo!…hehe…


    • Hahaha! What a brilliant sky!
      I’m so glad you found Gimp!
      Trying playing around with the various tools or options under “color” on the menu, and see what fun you can have with it! It seems it can do many things 🙂


  3. Plowing inwards, and through, to the Center… ….. 🙂


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