…Fish & Flowers…

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3 thoughts on “…Fish & Flowers…

  1. babajij on said:

    …TY,Leslee!…some cut Flowers that i Grew from Seed,a Few Years Ago…with a BackDrop of a 3D sheet of Fishes(bought from Dollar Store)…I Experimented with Gimp/or the Other Image App. to Get the Colors,this Way…Yay!… 🙂


    • You’re picking this up very quickly! Have you tried using multiple layers yet? You can place images on top of one another (or layer multiple copies of one image)… Then look for the drop down menu somewhere in the “layers” dialog box, the one that probably says “normal” (that’s a joke, eh?)… Try, for instance, changing “normal” to “multiply”, or “dodge”, etc…. It only works if you have more than one layer, though!
      And/or, play with making a new blank layer that’s just filled with a solid color, and then try the other modes besides “normal”… (those are called blending modes) 😀 Fun!!!


  2. This is remarkably beautiful. The best of two worlds brought together… :mrgreen:


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