…Remnants of…

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4 thoughts on “…Remnants of…

  1. like Leslee I thought Egyptian. I like its powerful presence against that incredible blue sky – oh that sky, I’m homesick for Mexico…where do you live to deserve such glory? Skies here in Vancouver are, right now, eternally grey. Thanks for the memory!


    • babajij on said:

      …Hi!…the Place of my Residence is Situated on the Banks of the Restigouche River…Famed for Atlantic Salmon…the Bay of Chaleur Touches Quebec & New Bruinswick…The End of the Appalachian Mountain Range Surround the Area,and Makes For a Nice Surrond-Around…very Time Warped…lol!…


  2. babajij on said:

    …Hi Leslee!…It does look like a Pyramid/Obelisk Structure,doesn’t it!…It Is Actually the Cement Foundation of what Is left of an Old Wood Mill,here near the River…At the Top is a Metal Structure that is Jutting Out…The Champoux Mill,once Used when Tall Ships came into the River and Collected Lumber…C Ya!…


  3. What is it, Babajij? is that a camera on top? I thought it was Egyptian at first… 😉


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