~Chief’s New HeadDress~

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11 thoughts on “~Chief’s New HeadDress~

  1. Quite dramatic! 🙂


  2. I really am fascinated by HeadDresses. This one is extremely beautiful!


  3. Exquisite work. Once upon a time I worked as a fire-lookout man on a tower in northern BC. A porcupine occupied my outhouse, huge fellow and quite intransigent. I didn’t want to hurt him but really needed to use the space he occupied. Finally I threw my woolen jacket at him – that moved him temporarily and in recovering my jacket I found it full of quills. Later I heard from a local indigenous chap that this is the way quills are obtained…


  4. babajij on said:

    ~Hi Leslee!…The Traditional HeadDress was made by a Friend of mine, Miss Claudia Gray…We, Listuguj, had a “Inauguration Ceremony” today (Friday) and Claudia Gifted this HeadDressto Our Newly Elected Chief Dean Vicaire…It is Totally Shaped by BirchBark…The Design is Made with Dyed Porcupine Quills…There is Fur and Eagle Feathers that Top this Highly Original Piece…Has some Sort of Spirit Magic about It…Exquisite and EmPowering… 🙂 ~


  5. Beautiful, Babajij! Is that Birch bark? Can you please tell us more about it (and did you make it?)?


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