Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. What the….?


    • Good Morning,John…Image Screen UpLoad of Madame Sandra flooding into one of Newark, New Jersey’s underground Transit site…a very Foreign occurence…


      • Oh right – and you are out there on the edge of Sandy somewhere are you not? Hope you’re prepared for some unpleasant wet winds – wellies, check – sou’wester, check – enough vino for 72 hours, check – please take care and stay dry and safe…


      • hehe!…Thank Ya, John…it’s been very quiet ’round here in the Gaspe…a Storm Surge is issued via the Local Weather Network…most probably the results in my area will be pale in comparison to what has happened in America…(the Image i have for this Post is actually from N.Y.C. Port Authority Subway Station, as confirmed by Weather Network)


      • Take care anyway Babajij…


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