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7 thoughts on “PioneerTiming

  1. Wow I thought this was a 3D rendering at first! This is the “uncanny valley” in reverse… it’s a little “too real”… I can’t believe it’s real! But it is!

    Just give me a moment to pick myself up out of the snow… 😉


    • Lol!…lots of discussions & negotiations took place round the inside open Sacred Fire…our Blockade of the CN Railway actually opened lines of communication between our Band Council & Regional MP’s. the Tipi still stands.


      • Wonderful! How large is it? It’s hard to tell in the photo… Towering!


      • The Poles are about 22 feet in Length… We had a 14 People in at one time. The Sacred Fire is at center, on the ground…I am still processing the whole experience , just as another Issue has risen regarding a Gas Company that has been planning to Frack right next to the Rez! Idle No More – I Now Know More… Hehe


  2. Amazing photo, light, color, snow, energy, Babjij!


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